Railway Equipment

The railway equipment is constituted by a range of accessories to be installed on road-rail loaders and on cranes for the building and maintenance of railway lines.
As with all Rozzi equipment, they are built with quality steels and high performances cylinders which mount standard safety valves. They can be provided with quick coupling for quick interchangeability of the various equipment or fitted with hydraulic rotators that allow a precise positioning of the load.
The rail range of equipment consists of,
- Clamshell buckets for rubble
- Clamshell buckets for removal of gravel between the sleepers
- Grabs for railway tracks
- Grabs for wooden and cement sleepers


Rozzi's objective is to offer the highest level of service to its customers. Qualified personnel will respond to any request for assistance by providing information necessary for the proper maintenance of the equipment we produce. Due to the availabilityty of all the spare parts we can guarantee our customers a very short downtime.