Polyp - Grabs

Polyp-grabs are hydraulic equipment suitable for the handling of bulk materials: scrap, urban waste, industrial waste, machine shop rejections, rocks, paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and tires. The RP range is the compact version with the cylinders partially inserted inside the grabs to reduce the height; the RV range has vertical outside cylinders fixed to a strong structure. Protections and guards prevent damages to pipes and cylinders.

All models can be supplied with a rotation device. The geometry of the tines is optimized to promote the penetration and collect as much material as possible. To meet every need and ensure high performance with all materials, the following types of blade are available: P - PA - S - SL. The steelwork and cylinders are made with materials of high quality and durability, while the parts subject to abrasion are made of wear-resistant steel HB400.

The pins and bushings are manufactured using special steel with heat treatment for hardening, so as to ensure a long life even under severe conditions and with poor lubrication.


Rozzi's objective is to offer the highest level of service to its customers. Qualified personnel will respond to any request for assistance by providing information necessary for the proper maintenance of the equipment we produce. Due to the availabilityty of all the spare parts we can guarantee our customers a very short downtime.